Tuesday, October 19, 2010


That's right, I am no longer making furniture, I am giving away used cars.  ha ha ha!


I am however giving away a FREE table.  Hit the little "Read More" Button below for all the deets!

So, I've posted an update on my FaceBook Fan Page, but here are all the details.

I need fans.  And if you need a coffee/side table made from this amazing walnut tree, then spread the love of PORC and become a fan and then get your friends to join in on the fun.  When we hit 200 fans, I will do a random drawing and GIVE AWAY A FREE table to one of my fans.  A $1400 value, and who doesn't like value?


Your odds are 1 in 200.  Better than Vegas, WAY better than the lottery, and so much better than a few million dollars that you have to pay taxes on.  REALLY!

The Deadline is DECEMBER 1st, 2010**Update: We're getting rid of the deadline.  Why? Because I have no idea how long it will take, and I don't want to go back and change the date every week.  That's why.**

I only have 39 fans now, so that means WE need to get about 4 a day in order to meet the challenge.  The table will be super cool and will follow the PORC tradition of being built with the highest quality.  It will also have a unique design not to be found at your local furniture discount store, and I'll even deliver it!  WOW, now that's service.

Share the love now to enter to win!

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