Monday, October 25, 2010

Now THAT's service.

I consider what I do a service industry type job.  I provide a service that is both artistic in nature and very high in quality.  I am always trying to find other companies that follow the same ideals I have for dealing with customers.  I found one!  And a good one at that.  32 Ohm Audio hit the mark.

I spend the majority of my day with tunes rolling along in my head.  Sometimes I have speakers playing.  Sometimes it's earbuds underneith my shooting muffs.  Other times it's just songs that seem to linger like a bad cold.... you know the ones that just keep playing in your head even thought there is NO audible music within a 200 mile radius of where you are standing?????

Needless to say, the earbuds get used A LOT.  I love damn near everything that comes out of the Apple megacorp.  However, the earphones that come with the $9 million dollar iphone are pure CRAP!  Right out of the box, they suck.  Bad build quality, uncomfortable to wear, and quite frankly sound like a 1933 mono speaker attached to a record player that is shoved down your ear canal.  I've gone through about 3 pairs of them thinking maybe someone other than me is crying about them and surely Apple would listen and improve the quality.  Appearently I am SOOOOO SOOOOO wrong.  I've tried a couple other brands as well that you can buy at various electronic stores.  Still, YUCK!  Better than the Apple crap, but still........  Now in walks the retail store of the year.

32 Ohm Audio kicks butt.  It is a small local store that specializes in high quality personal audio.  I walked into the store and was confused instantly.  Do I look around at all the amazing electronic gizmos, check out the killer room that is super sleek and well designed, or respond to the kind and welcoming "Hello" I hear from behind the counter?  Well, fast forward 20 seconds.  I pick my jaw up off the floor and walk up to the nice chap behind the counter and tell him what I am looking for.  He smiles, and walked me over to the beautiful display cases and starts down the long list of options they have.  After a few minutes getting the deets on them I say, "I'll take these."  He cocks his head to the side and say's.  "Not yet you don't.  I can't let you leave until you hear them for yourself."  Out comes the freshly bathed and sanitised demo set.  I plug it into my ipone and hit play.  They are everything he said they would be.  I wander around a bit enjoying a bit of Dave Matthews and make phone call to try out the mic.  Score!  I found my next set of phones.  (Have you ever tried that online or at a box store?  I don't think so.)

OK, I could go on and on, but I wont.  32 Ohm Audio earned a repeat customer for life.  Quality staff, quality product, and totally fair pricing.  What else can you ask for?  In my book.  Nothing.  Keep up the good work 32, I'll be back!

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  1. You are right about those ear buds. They are so uncomfortable that I could not tell you about the sound quality - I never wore them for any length of time. I'll check these guys out, since the earphones I use are comfortable, but they are nothing great as far as sound.

    I did the Facebook thing.

  2. Thanks Jeff.

    I got a set of the Denon plugs, and so far, so good!