Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm needin' some lovin'.

That's right PORC lovers.  I'm in need of some positive thoughts.

It's been an amazing week for the company.  We're back at the negotiating table for a new shop facility.  As many of you may remember, we walked away from a shop space about 4 months ago because the landlord and I couldn't quite come to an understanding and see eye to eye.

Well, we've found another place that could be our new home.  If you've got any spare positive energy, or have even just a LITTLE bit of love for the PORC gang, please send it our way.

Hopefully, this week, we can get a broker, a landlord, a mother, a daughter, an couple attorney's, a few tenants, the bank, a partner, and the homeless guy on the corner to all come to an agreement that I am the perfect tenant for this building.

Keep the fingers crossed and the lovin' flowing.  I'll take all I can get.  :)



  1. I have a few cans of positive energy laying around. Perhaps I'll drop them off with your clamps and your glass dish.

    These cans are unused, mint-condition, and there are several flavors of positive energy you can pick from:

    1. Orange Ya Gonna Sign Here
    A nice, fruity blend of energies. Use this sparingly after inspection, while chanting "This place be mine" ten times in succession.

    2. Patch-Youli
    This heady blend of exotic energies is a full-strength positive force, especially useful when refinishing the interior of your new space.

    3. Crawsome Blossom
    A full-featured bubbly and enthusiastic energy, best enjoyed with a fine wine and multi-digit finger-crossing. This smokey blend harvests 98% of the positive energies in your space, and amplifies it, focusing it outward on your task at hand.

    You can get others, but these are the ones I have right now. Let me know when to drop them off?

  2. Oh, I can feel it Craw!

    The Crawsome Blossom is calling to me indeed. Perhaps it's the fine wine needed to accompany it.

    You, my friend are too kind. Thank you.

  3. I hope everything goes your way with the new shop. I'll bet it is stressful, but I would love to have my own work shop away from home. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Jeff. We've got our fingers crossed. Things are looking good at this point. Stressful indeed. I can assure you that a cold one will be opened when it's all said and done. :)

  5. Best of luck to you sir!
    I shall raise my glass as well ha!

  6. Thanks Nicholas!

    I shall share the word when it's all said and done. We shall raise a glass together. :)