Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hold the PRESS!!!!!!

Hey there PORC lovers.  Sorry for the delay with my posts.  A LOT has been going on in PORC Land.

I have decided to throw a few nuggets at you.  All you gotta do is keep reading below the pretty little picture.

So in my last post, I promised some tips on selecting an architect, designer, contractor and the such.  I'm putting those articals on hold because I want to give my readers and friends (all three of you) good information.  I am getting my ducks in a row, and will continue with those tips in a few months.  If you MUST know something, hit me up with an email or comment, and I'll redirect some time to get you a solution.

The BIG reason for the delay, is because PORC is getting a new big boy bed.  That's right, the PORC headquarters are moving to a new commercial shop that is about 3 times the size of our current location!  It has been without a doubt the most exciting time in company history.  SO..... in order to keep my fans (that's right, all 3 of you) up to date, I'm going to be blogging a bit about the experience.  I'm going to keep it regular, and I'm going to keep it fun!

Finally, I wanted to share a couple cool pics and a huge shout out to one of the greatest business' I have ever worked with.  These custom door parts were for an amazing client with very particular tastes and wanted a design that was truly, one of a kind.  When those calls come my way, I hit up the good folks at Creative Woodworking NW.  They custom ground the knives that made these door parts, and did so with amazing pride, exceptional pricing and THE BEST customer service around.  ALL of the employees I have worked with there are friendly, talented, and always willing to lend a helping hand.  I can't say enough good things about them.

More to come



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the update and congrats on the new space!

  2. The new digs sound great! And the door parts are beautiful! And I'm still waiting to see pictures of the inlaid floor... <<fingers tapping...

    Glad to be on of the (three) fans!

  3. Ha ha, "Big Boy Bed." That's funny! You've earned it!

  4. You might have to rewrite the blog, because I am 4. Wow! Awesome news about the new shop. It sounds like your business is growing, as I expected. Love the pics too!

  5. Bella! Hey, my woodworking comes out just like yours....well, maybe with slightly more caulking, wood filler, etc. ;~) Scott

  6. Thanks ALL!!!!

    @Mattness, there should be a bit of extra room for new Bass too.
    @Annie, your are SO part of the top three. I'm still waiting to get in to the floor job.
    @wifee, I couldn't have done it without you. oxox
    @team-get up to PDX and I'll put some kids to work. Thanks
    @Scott, wanna see pictures of my welds? :)

  7. Beautiful pix and work, and congrats re the new digs!!!

  8. Cool beans. Love to check out the new place.

  9. 3 times the size?!? Wow, that's quite an upgrade; well done!

  10. @bron-Thanks for the props.xoxo
    @davinci-Don't think that your note going to get roped into helping figure out a good layout. :)
    @ellen-It's a great day for sure.

  11. Yay Jason!!! How every exciting! Gorgeous pictures, too! :)

  12. Thanks Sarah!! You'll dig it for sure. :)

  13. This is great - congrats!! Now, if we could just get PORC on FB...

  14. Reb...

    Really? You think I should do that whole marketing thing? Really? :)