Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Party Time

Hi there PORC fans.

It's been a fun and hectic couple weeks, but I still wanted to take a minute to remind you about my party.

MARCH 29th, from 5:00-9:00 PM

My doors will be open to the public.

One year ago, I moved into my new home and have been loving it ever since. I want to show all my friends and family what all of their support looks like through my eyes. Put it in your calendars and plan on dropping by for a little bite to eat, a cold beverage, and a walk around the new shop.

Now.... about this weeks post and why it relates to the party. In short, what I write about today, will be on display at the party. That's right. We've got a fireplace mantle in the works, and a cabinet with hidden TV lift to name a few.

So... keep on reading below for all the gory details and pretty pictures.

Lets start by taking care of the house cleaning. I've been waiting for almost a year to come up with the ideas, funds, and time to make a sign for my shop. In December with the help of an amazing friend and designer, we joined hands to make up some PORC signage. I picked up the metal cutouts today from Laser Cutting Services. I could not be more happy. The quality of cut is amazing and the heft and feel of .25" aluminum is pure awesome! I still need to come up with stand-offs and lighting for them, but the hard and expensive part is a thing of the past. I think everyone should have some laser cutting done at some point in their lives just so you know how amazing it is. :) I should note, the sign will be on display March 29th, at my party.

Next week, my ducting arrives for the dust collector. Many of you (all 4 that is) may remember an earlier post about my ClearVue cyclone I purchased last year. Some 5 months or so have passed, but finally I will have a safe and dust free work environment. My asthmatic lungs are going to kiss me with joy and glee. The new ducting will be on display on March 29th, at my party.

I've got a large job heading out the door to Colorado in April. Two of the pieces I've been designing this week include a fireplace surround, and a clever TV cabinet. Both of which should be near completion, and on display at my shop party on March 29th.

3 kitchens are also on my calendar and design screen. 2 of which are out of town. I doubt there will be much to see in regards to the kitchen cabinets at my party on March 29th, however there may be a few odds and ends floating around.

Within that work load, I am also looking at new design software to try out. I have yet to find the answer for me, but I am narrowing down my choices each day. I hope to have a program chosen by March 29th, at my party.

Well, that wraps up this weeks post. As always, thanks for reading.

Did I mention the party on March 29th?


  1. Good luck with your party on March 29th - I think that is the date.

    I like your sign and those are nice illustrations.

  2. Thanks Jeff! You should come on out for a little vacation. :)

  3. Oooooh the sign is even more awesome than I thought! So classy and beefy! :)
    I'll see you on March 29th! (maybe a little bit before then...)

  4. We will be there! With sawdust covered bells on!

  5. Thank you lovely ladies! I look forward to it! :)

  6. Woah, that sign is hot! ;) Can't wait for the party on March 29th! :)))

  7. wow really like the 3-d rendering. what design soft wear do you use?

  8. Thanks James. I am currently using Google Sketchup. The free version. It's an amazing product. Especially for the price.