Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Find Inspiration

For years and years, I've been on the never ending hunt for artistic inspiration and practical knowledge.  I believe the world inspires us all if we just take a minute to open our eyes to new and different things. With the technology we have today, it couldn't be easier to find this information.  Keep reading and I'll share a few of the blogs that inspire me every day.

I love to spend each day looking at blogs.  Most teach me something.  A lot inspire me.  Quite a few make me laugh, and all of them help push me in 'the right' direction.  Several furniture makers and woodworkers get my attention.  However I don't limit myself to that alone.   I also rely heavily on the photographic industry.  It's a visual art very similar to working wood IMO.  I can't tell you how many things about woodworking I've learned from photographers.

Here are just a few of the blogs I follow on a daily basis.  Have a look and let me know if you have any that I should be following!


Business Stuff
-Over Your Head
-99 Percent
-Lateral Action

-Dorset Custom Furniture
-Wood Zelot
-Wood Fever
-Design Matters
-John Houshmand

Stuff that Inspires
-DJ Earworm

-Joe McNally

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  1. Suh-weet! I'm always looking for inspiring websites/blogs especially now as I'm getting into the heavier stuff of Graphic Design. Thanks, J!

  2. Happy to share my thoughts Sarah. We share many a many influences and visual ideas. Feel free to put some of yours down too. Thanks for reading!

  3. Jason - thanks for putting me on your list. I am honored. I too find inspiration from Dorset Custom Furniture.