Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And...... We're Clear.

Hello PORC lovers.

As many of you now, I've been working on a heck of a project for nearly 6 months now off and on.  Well I am happy to announce that the cabinets have all been set in place.   I've got a few photos after the break below.

I would hardly describe the last week as a cakewalk, but overall it went very well.  As in.... Everything fit.  I've mentioned in some of the earlier posts, that one of the hardest things about this job is the location.  Fourth floor of a historic building that has a service elevator smaller than most closets.  Every piece had to be made in the shop, and then deconstructed, packed, moved and reassembled.

I did it!  It took 7.5 hours to move the cabinets and tools into place, but we got it done.

Before building each unit, I made up a virtual elevator in Sketch-Up and then put all of the cabinets and spun them around in the elevator to see if they would fit in the real elevator.  It worked!  HOWEVER, I did forget about one funky corner getting into the elevator, and ended up taking off the elevators finger smashing gate in order to make it work. 

Once everything was in the condo, I felt like my 'old' shop all over again.  Move 10 cabinets to work with one.

I began putting the puzzle back together.   Below is the center cabinet with 8 pencil drawers and 4 file cabinets.

You can see the drawings on the wall left over from the design phase.  It often helps to visualize with a few pencil marks on location.  The electricians took it the next step and used a drawing to find a location for a floor plug.

Now I've set the counter top, and upper cabinets.  I still need to skin the outsides of the return to cover up the pocket screw holes. 

In the bedroom, I put together 3 large plywood boxes and attached the face frame.  The boxes here are 1. The top 16" that is full width.  2. The big one that is also full width, but sits on the 3. Bottom 10" tall box.  This was one of 4 faceframes that took the long way up, one stair at a time.

Once this cabinet is done, it will have a pull-out ironing board, full length beveled mirror doors, and plenty of hanging storage as well.

Moving on to the kitchen.  I've set one side of galley kitchen here.  This is just over 8' in length and 8' tall.  I still need to build and attach the open shelving in the center section, and decretive corbles.  It will be very sharp!

That is a run down of the install thus far.  The next stage will be to put on the doors and drawers, and get them ready for the painters.  I've also got a small window seat that needs to fit right into place.

The home owner has also asked me to build 2 more closet cabinets, and a medicine cabinet, and do all of the finish crown, picture rail, and trim throughout the home.  I am far from done, but having a great time working through all of the challanges as they come up.

More to come next week.  As always.  Thanks again for following!


  1. Dang! That is one monster job and especially since you have to do all the work mentioned at the end of your post.

    Very nice cabinet work. I can't wait to see it finished. How long do you anticipate it will take to totally completed the job with the "trim thoughout the home?"

  2. Jason! That's looking so gorgeous! I'm glad you're enjoying this project. :)

  3. Jeff, I look forward to seeing it finished too. :)

    I'll set aside about 40-50 hours for the trim, few more days to re-fit and hang all the doors, and drawers (they're all made) a week or so for the three more cabinets I've got to make, and the finishers will be in for about 7 days. All in all, I'm guessing by the end of April, we should be about wrapped up. Right now keeping schedules in agreement is proving to keep the project from skipping along at a brisk pace.

    Thanks Sarah! I am loving the project, homeowner and all of the challenges.

    I promise to get a good wide angle lens to shoot this with, as the one I had doesn't really do it justice.

  4. This man is truly an artist. It's as though he is playing a symphonic poem when he creates with wood. Jason, I hope the whole world reads your blog, buys your stuff, and passes the word!
    Arlene Stucki

  5. Thank you Arlene! Your kind words are very appreciated.