Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Heavy Lifting is Over.

Hi there PORC fans.  We're back from vacation and rolling full speed ahead with work on the new shop and the long list of work waiting in the wings.

When Joanna and I got home from our much needed vacation, I headed to the shop early the next morning to get a crack on the finishing touches in order make dust.  I got all of the tools set in approximate locations along with the power to make the motors run.  I also set up some shelving, workbenches, made a new assembly table, and started receiving all the bills that are accociated with Leasing a new space.

Keep on reading for some new shop photos.

You can see that we had a bit of demo work to take care of.  3 walls came out to open up the space.  Murphy's Law states that walls intended to be removed ALWAYS contain the most wiring and plumbing.  Call Plumber, call Electrician and hit the ATM.

I am about ready to shoot 30 gallons of primer and paint at the ceiling and walls.  Metro Paint is a local place here that recycles latex paint and practically gives away the newly made coating.  I am more than pleased with the results. 

Once a bit of white was added, I needed a bright floor color that would invite some energy.  We got energy for SURE!

When moving day arrived, we couldn't have lucked out better with the weather.  A handful of great friends helped relocate us in a few hours.

Piles of tools, boxes and materials everywhere.  However, there is a lot of 'everywhere.'

Now that we are up and running. (Well....... walking with a limp is a better description,) I can refocus on building products for my wonderful clients.

After two days of getting set up, I began the final assembly of the built-ins that have been on my docket for some time now.


What a treat it is to have space, and A LOT of it.

** As a reference, those large outer boxes are 9' tall, and span 12' in width.**

I've got a long way to go before everything is placed where I want it and hooked up to a new dust collector that is soon to be ordered, however the shop can cut up materials wonderfully.  

I hope to start making up some tool storage cabinets this weekend, but right now I need to get some product out the door to collect some money.  I hope some time will come soon for both.  :)

Thank you as always for reading.



  1. Time to pop the champagne!
    (No pictures of the newly painted bathroom?)

    I'm so happy for you that you have room to grow!

  2. This looks awesome! Love the red floor! Can't wait to see it in person! :-)

  3. Thanks guys!

    I couldn't have made this move without the support of my amazing friends and wifee.

  4. Glad that you got moved in. I can only imagine the work that took. Glad you had plenty of friends to help. My back probably would have lasted 30 minutes.

    Looks like you have tons of room. I hope you will continue to post some photos of how your shop develops.

    Good luck with it!

  5. Jeff. Thanks for the note! I've been so slammed I've not had a chance to even respond.

    The space is great and backs did indeed get sore. I promise more photos as they develop, however right now, I am in serious MAKE MONEY TO PAY RENT mode. The shop projects are on hold for a bit.

  6. You know Icky, if you ever came to visit........